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The rho-calculus has been introduced as a general means to uniformly integrate rewriting and lambda calculus. This calculus makes explicit and first-class all of its components: matching (possibly modulo given theories), abstraction, application and substitutions.

The rho-calculus is designed and used for logical and semantical purposes. It could be used with powerful type systems and for expressing the semantics of rule based as well as object oriented paradigms. It allows one to naturally express exceptions and imperative features as well as expressing elaborated rewriting  strategies.

Introduced in 1998 by Horatiu Cirstea and Claude Kirchner, the calculus quickly attracted much interests.  The purpose of this page is to regroup links to works concerned with the calculus, from papers to implementations and related concepts. Do not hesitate to drop a mail to (Remove the spam preserving underscore "_"), your remarks, comments, propositions of additions are very welcome.

The rho-calculus

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